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I'm Elisa Chisana Hoshi

Interpreter IT EN FR | Social Media & Content Manager

I've lived and worked in Australia, Turkey, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, the Cook Islands, France and Italy. I'm now based in Fremantle, Western Australia. All this gave me a unique insight into foreign cultures. My modus operandi unites my two biggest passions, the love for facilitating language interactions and traveling; after all, interpreters were some of the very first travellers in history!

I'm a professionally trained interpreter, working in IT>EN>FR. My favorite style is chuchotage and all types of one-to-one interpreting, connecting with my clients directly. Think of me as a language assistant that has lived all around the world and absolutely loves what she's doing.

I've also worked as a Social Media Manager B2B for several clients worldwide from Tourism Board Associations to online travel comparison websites, and occasionally B2C for small businesses.

Skills & Info

Interpreter ITA > ENG > FR
One-to-one & chuchotage interpreting
Web copywriting
Digital PR
International Projects
Tourist Destination Marketing
Social Media Management
  • Languages Italian, English, French, Spanish
  • Expertise Travel sector, tourism & communication
  • Address 6162 South Fremantle, Western Australia
  • email elisachisanahoshi@gmail.com
  • Website elisachisanahoshi.com
  • Contact Here!
  • Birthday 12 March
  • On Vacation from 1° July to 1° August 2021

What I Do

Intepreter IT>EN>FR

I work as an interpreter during conventions, trade shows & events. Available for one-to-one translations, chuchotage and consecutive translations. Among my clients: Lingotto Fiere | Torino | Cook Islands Tourist Corporation | Declic and co Nice, France | Fifth Wings Ashikaga, Japan | Sundancer Backpackers Fremantle, Western Australia | Tourism Western Australia.

Social Media Manager

I can help you communicate your tourist destination online. As a Social Media Manager & PR I have worked with B2B for Tourist Board associations, online travel comparaison websites and B2C for small business. I got recommended as a Social Media Manager in the 2018 Lonely Planet book: "Come diventare scrittore di viaggio".

Travel and Tourism Content Manager

Writing articles, blog posts and web copy, 10+ years of experience in the fieldYou can have a look at my Italian blog here.

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  • Need an interpreter? You're in the right place!Contact me
  • Address6162 South Fremantle, Western Australia.
  • Emailelisachisanahoshi@gmail.com